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Oudong is the final resting place of several Cambodian kings. The ruins of the temples and stupas dot the twin humps of Oudong’s small mountain which can be reached after a short (but strenuous) climb up of cement stairs. The views from the summit are beautiful. Immediately northwest of the mountain, the sprawling Cambodia Vipassana Dhura Buddhist Meditation Centre is worth a visit.


Freshly caught prawns, grilled river fish, fried vegetables and fresh drinks. With all of this enjoyed from some shady bamboo and thatch riverside huts, Kien Svay is truly a picnicker’s Paradise. The site is wildly popular with city folk at weekends but during the week, it is almost empty. Hut proprietors prepare a plethora of delicious dishes while women paddle the river in wooden boats. A short boat ride up and down the river is also a worthwhile distraction.


About halfway between Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville, the rolling hills and forests of Kirirom National Park provides great satisfaction for those craving a taste of nature. If you are keen on something active, take the four hour round trip through the pine forests to the top of Phnom Dat Chivit A sheer cliff results in uninterrupted views of the dense jungle below.


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